QR Codes in the Classroom

With the surge of tablets and handheld devices in education, QR codes offer a myriad of ways for teachers to effectively infuse technology into their classroom and instructional practices.  This post accompanies a presentation on the same subject, sharing some valuable resources and tools for educators.

Access a QR Codes in the Classroom Handout (word document)

Download QR Code Idea Cards

View a TED Talk by Karen Mensing providing an overview of QR Codes and their use in the classroom:

A QR Code reader can be downloaded to any device through the device’s app store.

QR Code Creation:

  • QR Code Generator – create simple QR codes for free to access a URL, text, or email.  Other options available through signing up.
  • Snipp QR – free tool to create QR codes, but also allows the incorporation of color, images and other customizable features
  • QR Voice – type 100 characters or less to produce a QR code that speaks!
  • Goo.gl – Google’s URL shortener that is able to produce QR codes.  See the great poster below shared by Mark Page-Botelho @mpagebotelho

goo poster

QR Code Ideas:

Other Ideas:


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