Asynchronous Learning Environments

In the past, the barriers of time and place have impacted teaching and learning in the classroom – learning was confiscated to the physical classroom and confined to the time block a class or subject was assigned.  Today, synchronous and asynchronous learning environments can co-exist to extend learning beyond the classroom and engage learners beyond the traditional scheduled time frame.

A Google doc, sharing some examples of how schools and districts are creating/utilizing asynchronous learning environments, has been created.  Please view/add to the document!

Access a playlist of videos related to Asynchronous Learning Environments

Some examples of Asynchronous Classroom and School Practices:

  • Jared Heidinger, a science teacher in Lethbridge, Alberta, utilizes “celebrities from afar” to introduce homework for learning outside the classroom for his students, along with the use of video to support learning for students.  Check out his YouTube channel here.
  • Andy Tyslau, a teacher in Lethbridge, Alberta, provides students with video tutorials to accompany units of study.  Check out his YouTube channel here.
  • Kathy Cassidy, a Saskatchewan educator, utilizes blogs with her primary students – visit her blog

Tools to share online resources

  • QR Stuff – free QR code generator
  • Bitly – free URL shortener that also collects and saves links.  Sign on for a free account that lets you customize the URL name.

Collection of Asynchronous Tools

  • Polleverywhere – gather student responses through a variety of means (text, Twitter, online)
  • Kidblog – secure blogging platform for classes, with optimal controls for teachers
  • Edmodo – social media platform for teachers to create class spaces
  • Wikispaces – wiki platform to allow for student editing and co-creating
  • Google Forms – create quick feedback tools for students
  • Dropbox – create and share online folders for documents
  • Padlet – online bulletin board to post student responses


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