Integrating Technology for Assessment for Learning

Providing meaningful feedback for students is vital to the continuous learning cycle.  The intent of this posting is to share resources related to leveraging technology to assist teachers in providing effective feedback for students, as well as creating engaging opportunities for peer feedback and feedback for the teacher through a number of different technology tools.

A google doc has also been developed to share and add to a collection of useful tools for teachers related to feedback in the classroom.  Please consider adding tools to the document or viewing the current collection.

The following resources are tools and sites, as well as other samples, resources and items related to providing, gathering and supporting feedback in the classroom.

Feedback for Students:

Below are some sample videos (shared with student permission) of feedback being provided through a webcast and a screencast:

Peer Feedback:

  • Kidblog – secure blogging platform for classes, with optimal controls for teachers
  • Edmodo – social media platform for teachers to create class spaces
  • Wikispaces – wiki platform to allow for student editing and co-creating

Feedback from Students:

  • Twitterfall – one of many sites used for displaying tweets
  • Polleverywhere – gather student responses through a variety of means (text, Twitter, online)
  • Padlet – online bulletin board to post student responses
  • TodaysMeet – backchannel that students can easily log into and participate
  • Surveymonkey – create quick feedback forms, surveys and quizzes for students
  • Google Forms – create quick feedback tools for students

Please also consider visiting a past post of mine, where I shared a number of different online tools for the classroom.


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