Conditions for Powerful Learning

Last week, during an #edteach Twitter chat, I was reminded of the critical importance of reflecting on our instruction and sharing our teaching and learning with others.  Keeping that in mind, I was inspired by my current ED3505 Teaching Seminar class, who over the past few days have been sharing their thoughts and reflections related to a video we watched in class.

The video (shared below) was an excellent overview of how we learn and initiated some great connections regarding the focus that needs to be placed on the learner.  During the video, we paused after each of the “gr8 8” to reflect on each condition of powerful learning, utilizing a Conditions for Powerful Learning Organizer to consolidate our learning.

Below, I would like to share links to student blog postings (their first in their newly established online portfolios), that show the beginnings of reflective teachers that our students deserve:

Please take a moment to not only read the students’ posts but provide comments for these promising pre-service teachers.  This activity not only allowed us to reflect on how we learn (and subsequently things to keep in the forefront of our minds when teaching), but also modeled how we can effectively use video in the classroom to further engage learning and deepen discussions.


One comment on “Conditions for Powerful Learning

  1. Thanks for sharing this video Kurtis! This is a valuable video for teachers to see and remain cognizant of while planning and teaching.
    I love the authenticity you’re providing in the framework of your seminar class to make it a meaningful and useful experience for your students.

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