Digital Footprints, PLNs and Twitter

For the past few years, I have been working with students at the University of Lethbridge, exploring learning related to digital footprints and learning networks, specifically related to the context of pre-service teachers.  Thanks to the Education Undergraduate Society, I will be engaging in a series of three sessions related to these topics.

Session 1 – Evolution of Digital Footprints

This session will explored the evolution of digital footprints and the value of taking a proactive approach to establishing a professional online identity.  Some related resources include:

Session 2 – Establishing a Professional Learning Network

This session will dive into the what, how and why related to Professional Learning Networks (PLNs).  We will explore how to begin developing a PLN and why it is valuable for pre-service teachers to get started now.  Related resources include:
This session will focus exclusively on the use of Twitter to connect and develop your PLN.  It will provide support and information for Twitter newbies, as well as those wishing to utilize Twitter more extensively in their professional learning and forging a positive professional online presence.  Resources include:

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