Technology Tools for the Classroom

In my Education classes, I have attempted to integrate a number of technology tools and programs to support student learning.  Working with pre-service teachers, I have been asked to create a collection of the tools students have utilized in our classes, to serve as a future reference in their own teaching.  I have compiled a list of some of the primary tools utilized and posted them on my Slideshare site (and included the document below).

If you have others to suggest (and this list is by no means exclusive or comprehensive) or comments related to any of the tools listed, please leave your comments!  Best of luck incorporating some of these tools in your own planning, assessment and instruction!


6 comments on “Technology Tools for the Classroom

  1. You have included some of my favourite tools in your list here. Thank you for sharing so many of them! I wonder how you use these tools in the classroom, and how you would suggest that others use them. I think that we can often get immersed in talking about specific tools, but forget about the purpose of these tools. This is when teachers see technology as an add-on, and get frustrated. How do you avoid this from happening? I would love to hear your ideas!


    • Thanks for the comment Aviva and I couldn’t agree more! Technology as the add-on really does distract from learning. I think that it is all about using the technology as tools to enhance learning, not the end goal. I also think when starting to integrate technology in the classroom, finding little steps to take is important. Some examples could include having students find a partner and text an answer together to a question posed on polleverywhere, having groups create questions on wallwisher to discuss as a class, using kidblog to write weekly reflections on their learning, etc. Some also can make teachers’ lives much easier (providing feedback using a screencast can take less time than written comments and can be much more in depth and personalized, using Remind101 is easy to update students/parents, etc). There have been times I’ve had to catch myself and ask “is the technology usage really appropriate right now?” (i.e. asking students to respond using polleverywhere when raising their hands to share thoughts would have been more effective in the classroom). So important to make sure the tools are used in a way that enhance learning, not distract from it.

      Some random musings for a Saturday morning – thanks again for the connect Aviva!


      • I absolutely agree, Kurtis! I’ve found myself too sometimes making it all about technology, and realizing that it’s not always the best tool to use at the time. That’s why I love the element of “student choice” whenever possible, and really making students (and myself) aware of what works best given the assignment or the situation.


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