Establishing a Professional Learning Network

Yesterday I had the pleasure of presenting to a group of pre-service teachers, sharing the what, why and how’s of a professional learning network.  I have included the powerpoint from the presentation (posted on Slideshare).  Looking forward to some follow-up sessions, related to establishing a professional Twitter account as part of your PLN, as well as a workshop developing a blog.  Great to see the enthusiasm of education students and thoughtfulness related to their own professional learning.

4 comments on “Establishing a Professional Learning Network

  1. Hi Kurtis,

    This post popped up on my google reader list and I was reminded that I found one of your posts in October about digital footprints which convinced me to start making an effort to create my own as a young professional educator! It has been great and i have learnt so much as a result of the whole journey through twitter and blogging. I am always encouraging my peers to do the same! So many thanks for the great tips. I will keep reading your blog!


    • Awesome to hear Mary and thanks for the comment. I’m doing a presentation next on utilizing Twitter as an integral part of your PLN. I may be tapping you on the digital shoulder for a comment to encourage your Albertan peers. Thanks again and all the best in your studies.

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