Evolution of Digital Footprints

On October 26, 2011, in conjunction with the Education Undergraduate Society, I shared with University of Lethbridge Faculty of Education students thoughts related to the Evolution of Digital Footprints and things they can do early in their teaching training and subsequent career to build a positive digital footprint.

As mentioned in the presentation, it is important to put thought now to your digital footprint and how it reflects you as a future educator.  Take small steps to begin the work!  Find some helpful resources to get started on the way to developing a strong, professional digital footprint (you may use the Presentation handout to help you set some next steps or record thoughts that you have along the way).

Resources to support Footprint 2.0 (Cleaning up your Footprint)

Twitter Resources

Blog Resources

Sample Online Portfolios for Teachers

General resources related to Footprint 3.0

5 comments on “Evolution of Digital Footprints

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